class adaptivemd.Touch(source)[source]

An action that creates an empty file or folder



args() Return a list of args of the __init__ function of a class
base() Return the most parent class actually derived from StorableMixin
descendants() Return a list of all subclassed objects
from_dict(dct) Reconstruct an object from a dictionary representation
get_uuid() Create a new unique ID
idx(store) Return the index which is used for the object in the given store.
named(name) Attach a .name property to an object
objects() Returns a dictionary of all storable objects
to_dict() Convert object into a dictionary representation


added returns: the list of files added to the project by this action
base_cls Return the base class
base_cls_name Return the name of the base class
cls Return the class name as a string
removed returns: the list of files removed by this action
required returns: the necessary list of files to be functional